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Painter 2021 ML

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Corel Painter 2021 ML, EN/FR, Windows/Mac. Create refined and realistic digital art with Corel Painter 2021, which provides a wide-ranging feature-set for concept art, illustration, photo art, and fine art painting applications. This 2021 edition sees a handful of operation enhancements, including greater support for Apple hardware and functions to permit more intuitive and natural working methods. In terms of Painter’s own features, a wide selection of Natural-Media brushes is available, spanning wet, dry, and blended types, to complement an array of aesthetics. Additionally, Thick Paint, Airbrush, Watercolor, and other brush styles further help narrow down techniques and looks for more dynamic paintings. Painter 2021 also sports a customizable interface and supports a layered workflow, and, for more automated results, artificial intelligence modes make it easy to convert photographs and other images into digital art. The software is compatible with various drawing tablets, including Wacom and Apple iPad, and, included with the application itself is online access to a wealth of libraries, tutorials, and additional Painter tools. Painter 2021: For Apple users, the 2021 version now supports working with the Touch Bar on select devices and there is enhanced multi-touch Trackpad support for more intuitive, gesture-based actions. If working on macOS Catalina, Sidecar is also supported for using your iPad as a secondary display to mirror your computer and tilt support has also been added for more control when working with the Apple Pencil in conjunction with an iPad and Sidecar. Additionally, Core ML (machine learning) helps to optimize individual AI Style experiences. Improved performance via the Brush Accelerator, which makes the most of your computer’s hardware and graphics card, to deliver the a fast and fluid painting experience. Also, twice as many GPU accelerated brush technologies are featured for optimized drip and liquid brush technologies as well as faster brush and tool switching. Enhanced Thick Paint brushes, along with a dedicated Thick Paint-compatible brush category, takes full advantage of the depth, lighting, and shadow qualities of piled paint. Panels also permit adjusting how paint is applied to the brush and how the paint interacts with existing media, and it’s possible to convert the canvas or any layer to Thick Paint to achieve unique effects. Gain inspiration and take advantage of the built-in 12 AI Styles to create stylized paintings from any imported image; then, fine-tune them with customized presets, merged styles, or mix and match different sketching, painting, illustration, and stroke techniques for unique aesthetics. Clone Tinting enables choosing any color along with any clone brush in order to render clone sources with custom colors. This tool also works with multi-point cloning for producing dynamic and unique compositions. Also, for frequent use, you can create a Clone Tinting brush category. Non-destructive painting is possible by working with any layer type and hiding the canvas background from the beginning of the painting process. Layers can also be configured to work with various brushes depending on layer type, including specific options for Liquid Ink, Thick Paint, and Watercolor styles. Digital Art Software: Over 900 brushes give immense versatility and span wet, dry, and blended media types. Unique media types, including different Papers, Flow Maps, Patterns, Textures, Gradients, and more, let you adjust the look of your composition. Transform photos into paintings using artificial intelligence modes, along with powerful auto-painting and cloning tools. Create well-composed imagery with Divine Proportion, Layout Grid, Perspective Guides, and Mirror Painting tools and overlays. Customizing the user interface, Custom Palettes, brushes, and media content for more intuitive use. Canvas controlslet you pan, zoom, rotate, and apply lighting and surface texture to imagery. Mix and blend colors using the Color Wheel, Mixer, Color Sets, and Harmonies tools to create your own color palette. Control your brushes by modifying size, shape, angle, flow, and more with dedicated brush control panels. Support for working with auxiliary drawing tablets, including Wacom tablets and iPads, for more realistic drawing methods. Online access to additional libraries of brushes, gradients, nozzles, patterns, paper textures, and textures. Brush Styles: Thick Paint adds depth, texture, and movement to your art and is designed to mimic traditional painting media. Watercolor is ideal for producing results that flow, blend, absorb, and mimic the evaporative qualities of real watercolor paints. Chalk/Pastel options include hard variants that reveal texture as well as soft media that glides on and covers up. Particles are physics-inspired brushes that spring, flow, and glow with a unique and dynamic quality. Sargent brushes are inspired by renowned painter John Singer Sargent and evoke his unique and stroke-heavy style. Pattern Pens are perfect for applying patterns using various brushes for a multi-faceted and layered quality. Airbrushes respond to angle, bearing, and flow data from a stylus, allowing for a truly realistic brushstroke quality.

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