Power NG 2700PSI Elect Prs Wsh

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NEW HIGH-TECH UNIVERSAL MOTOR: Guaranteed the best product in the market, made with the best latest technology and design. That is true! Besides, our Power Pressure Washer comes in a completely new design never seen before. Beautiful, Powerful, Portable: Just Perfect for the job! The next generation of power washers come with a 30 ft long power cord and 20 ft long hose. It also includes a BUILT IN soap dispenser and 7in wells for easy mobility. This pressure washer is equipped with a micro switch sensitive to water flow. This Total Stop System (TSS) senses water flow in the pump. When the trigger is released, water stops flowing through the pump. The TSS then automatically turns the motor off to protect the pump from overheating. Universal motors run at very high speed. You want to use your power washer any time without having problems with your neighbors, right? Another very good reason for you to buy the new 2019 POWER Pressure Washer LTR-2700 PSI Electric – The Next Generation of Pressure Washer.

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Weight 28.00 lbs

Bloom, USA