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Surge Protector Strip 6 Outlet

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Tripp Lite’s TLP608TEL Surge Suppressor offers economical AC and phone line surge suppression for full protection of workstations, desktop PCs, telecom systems and other sensitive electronics. Built-in AC surge suppression shields connected equipment from damage and performance problems due to transient surges. Set of RJ11 telephone line suppression jacks protect dialup and DSL modem lines, fax machines, cordless phones and more. TLP608TEL offers 6 total outlets, 8 foot cord and diagnostic LED to warn of suppressor damage. AC suppression rated at 990 joules shields equipment from surges and line noise. Attractive gray suppressor housing with keyhole mounting tabs and 1 designated transformer plug outlet offers convenient protection of desktop computer equipment and accessories. $20,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA & Canada only). Key Features 990 joules AC surge suppression shields equipment from the strongest surges and line noise 6 AC outlets with room for 1 transformer plugs without blocking outlets covers computers and peripherals Phone line surge suppression protects both dialup and DSL modems, plus fax machines, cordless phones and more (pair of RJ11 jacks, 2 wire, 1 line, includes 6 ft phone cable) 8 foot AC line cable Built-in power switch and 15 amp circuit breaker offers power control and overload protection over all outlets Fail-safe thermal fusing protects against fire and other damage in the event of an extreme, extended overvoltage or surge condition Diagnostic LEDs confirm surge suppression status Attractive gray suppressor housing with keyhole mounting tabs allow versatile placement options UL1449 3rd Edition Rated (500V all modes), UL1363 (Power Tap), UL497A (Communications), Meets FCC part 68 rules, cUL (Canada) Exceeds IEEE 587 category A & B surge suppression specifications Lifetime warranty with $20,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA & Canada only) Typical Applications Ideal for any desktop, network or home computing application requiring AC and dialup or DSL modem line protection. Package Includes TLP608TEL 6-ft. telephone cord Instruction manual with warranty information

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